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Sadler 32 for sale.

I have owned Blue Scherzo since 2003 and have thoroughly enjoyed sailing over 7500 miles in her. Sadler 32's are well proven and a popular boat. They have excellent sailing characteristics and are "sea kindly".

Although most of my weekend sailing has been within the Solent area, I have also cruised in the UK from Eastbourne to Fowey. Other extended trips in France have stretched from Feacmp to St Malo and I have cruised the channel Islands.

I sail her with crew, when I sail with Ashdown Sailing Club. I also sail her single handed with the aid of an autopilot.

Sadler 32's were designed by David Sadler as a successor to the iconic Contessa 32. Blue Scherzo was built in 1981.

Blue Scherzo, a Sadler 32 sailing

Scherzo definition: A lively musical movement, commonly in 3/4 time